Modeling the Pilot update pt2

Pilot_MainClothsAs you can see the clothing for the pilot is nearly finished. Just have to add more details to the clothing and add more facial features like hair and eyes.

One thing i found annoying from trying to model the scarf, was that modo has a lack of in-depth spine tools. When you compare the spline tools to max you have a lot of control even if you “drop” the tool you can still edit the spine and do the usually lofting ma bob. Though i managed to get around it by just box modeling the long drape of the scarf and then just added some deformed torus’ around the neck to give that coil look. That process end up being quite fast once i figured this out.



The large collar of the jacket also gave me some grief, but after some trial and error. I kinda peeled it as if it’s a banana and just add thickness so i get continues shape from going inside out. Just have to finish modeling the fine details and then i can go to texturing process.

Also you might have noticed during the weekend i also updated this website and gave it a huge make over. I think this design is more appealing and more organised than before. I’m hoping to also get my portfolio page setup for  future 2014 works

happy days!


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