State Library Project pt1

For one of the assessment we have to do at TAFE, is to make a video animation using various multimedia methods. This is to help illustrate our stories written by our storytellers “clients”. It’s for the state library of WA’s 100 year anniversary.

For our team being Rahul, Jean(storyteller) and I. We are doing an animation involving one of Jean’s past stories working as a historian . It was a time when she obtained a very rare letter from regular stamp auction, which had a lot of competing bidders from various types of people in the stamp enthusiast scene.

For now Jean has written a story draft which we are adopting to a draft storyboard, we are still in the process of tweaking the story to be more of a script rather than an essay. At the mean time i roughed out this SB which we can always fix for later when we go final for the script.



Considering its one of Jean’s stories. We had to make a some characters designs based on Jean. The look we are currently developing is something very stylized and planned to be modeled and rigged in 3D over 2d backdrops. Here some idea’s  we are trying to look for

JeanConceptRefThe current progress in her design that I drew.  The one on the right showing some progress trying to find the right balance showing a mature look but having an appealing overall shape.



In terms of Art style and how we are going to approach this overall project. Is to go with 3D animation for the key characters and have them in a either a very very simple 3d background or using 2d backdrops with 2.5D elements constructed from after effects. Right now we are concepting to render the whole thing in a stamp like aesthetic by using non realistic render methods like cel shading or the cool render plugins that modo has. Interesting days to come



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  1. Adil Mistry says:

    David, if you keep this up, we will all be very happy. And you will make the world a better place 🙂

    Very interesting. I shall be keeping a close eye on its progress.

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