RokJaw the Videogame


Current WIP of the RokJaw game. The reason for doing this project, is basically to learn unity and to have a reason to make 3D assets. I’m hoping to have a game that is fun out of it. Currently putting my other project the short film on hold, considering i get more out of this project with the limited resources that I have.

What I had done so far, was focus on the ball and player controls. The caveman should stay on top of the ball and move in the opposite direction, to look like he has some control over it, he will also start walking and moving in the corresponding direction, if the ball starts rotating on its own.

The ball has a Squash and stretch mechanic, so the player can push down on the ball and then release to jump, when the ball lands on the ground it squashes a bit automatically. I also have access to various other properties like bounciness and friction, so I could string them all together and have different balls the caveman could use. For example a bowling ball with no jump but a lot of weight, a bouncy-ball that has a lot of bounce but can’t roll fast and a ball full of air that could float on water.

also I made this chicken all in a day to be used as a place holder. Watching the chickens animations, you can tell the day looks grim for this poor animal.

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