Chickens Be Peckin


This week I added the chickens into the game. The current chickens are placeholders, for when i go back to art creation. For now I need to make a simple template, to base on.

The chicken have three random idle states, that they constantly loop around pecking, idling, and do a little random move. When the player gets into their field of vision, they do a quick scared animations, that randomly goes on for a couple of seconds, in which they start running away to the furthest way-point from the player. Having them do the scared animation first, gives the player sometime, before the chicken quickly runs away. They will also move away and try to avoid the player, if they get too close, when in the running state. It is best to get the kill, fast and out of sight.

Next on the list of things I need to get running

– level win state, so a goal to complete the level and move on.
– Third person camera. Currently the camera is parented on the player on a fixed position.
– A simple mock menu to navigate around
– dummy levels to play with

Hopefully I should be able to get a simple demo up or at lest a proof of concept in the end

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