Jolly Goods

Jolly Goods

This was my entry for the Holiday Challenge 2014.  The entire thing was done in modo except the face and beard which were made in zbrush.

For the concept I original wanted something like jolly hallmark moment like those old christmas coke cola ads. Instead of cola something like cookies and milk for Santa.

Jolly Goods Concepts Jolly Goods ImageReference


Later on it evolved into being a goodie table with many treats and gifts. Anyway Here you can see the various WIP shots..

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For the Body i used a template from within modo and used the sculpting tool to shape it to my liking. I did bring the head in zbrush because i need the extra fine control that I was not getting from modo tools alone. Later on I also brought the whole thing into zbrush so i get a something to base on when i was making the hair and beard. Most of it was blocked with a simple sphere shaped into what i wanted. Then i got the claytube snap brush to create a layered streaks of flat tubes to make the locks of hair which all get dynameshed and the final details sculpted in. Later on I bake it on low poly geo in modo.

For the Lighting I made a clay shader go over the entire scene and start setting up the key lights in the scene which i could use to help with my texturing and shading. When all the shading was final, I added more lights to the scene to give it more bounce and to make it look not so flat. Even though I would be using indirect lighting in the scene. It would be pretty pointless if there is not much geo in the scene for it to bounce off.

The backdrop was made in photoshop. The ground was just a tile-able texture that i rendered off With the camera i had already in place in the scene and added Fireplace and just a tree. The Scene was going to be dark and out of focus in the background so not alot of detail needed.

The Whole Render took about an hour, I used the Hybrid method when you use the costly brute force Monty Carlo renderer for the first light bounce and then used the IC Rendering for the second bounce. You get a mix of quality and speed.


This is the Beauty render of the image. It was there but it was not exactly how i wanted it so I took into photoshop. I gone through about 15 curve layers of doing alot tweaking and added AO to make it pop even more.

There you have it. It was an interesting process that took about 2 weeks on and off. A lot of it was R and D but I got to use the fur system for the clothes, Rig and pose, and how to use modo’s shaders and ‘painting the scene’ up with lights better. Enjoy


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