Mesh Fusion – Mr Fusion

A new plugin called mesh fusion came out this week. Its freaking boolean on steroids, being able to cut and merge sub-D meshes. It does require a new type of modeling workflow something akin to illustrator. One major cool thing about MF is that you can animate and render it like any normal mesh, making some awesome effects. The downside to using MF, a part from the very high poly count is that, if want to bake down the mesh for other software use, it would need to be retopo’ed. Also it can be a sluggish and buggy at times but future updates might fix these problems.

If you go to the modo forums you can check out what crazy stuff people are doing with it. As for me im just practicing and getting used to MF, by modeling this assest from the back to the future. It going to be really cool when i put it into practical use.


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