Animation Project bits and bobs

The following were random clips and pictures taken during the process of an animation I’m currently doing for school



Most of there parts started from cubes that gotten spherified then with the use of the ffd, modified to a base shape i could build upon. This helps in building simple topology and keeping it in quads especially later on for mudbox.


Quickly blocking out the hair to a shape based on the side reference you can see in the screenshot. Started with spine right in the middle of the head then basically bridged it to another spine on the side of the head, while making more divisions and shaping to conform to the following green mesh.



With the short amount of time i had, i reused the base head mesh from the shop keeper and dramatically reshaped it to be used for the villains in mud box.


Comparing the villains head to the shopkeeper’s its quite hard to notice it was originally the same head. Anyway this screenshot was during the rigging process using bones and morph targets to rig the face to do my bidding…

Thats it for today. I’m going to post more bits and bobs tomorrow





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